Don’t Miss Our Lowest Prices on Kirkpatrick Certification

January 28, 2021

It’s almost February! How did that happen? This is just a heads up that savings on upcoming Kirkpatrick certification programs ends in just a few days. Because we care about your safety; these programs are held virtually, so you can attend from anywhere.

Bronze certification

Begins March 9, 2021 (from India/New Zealand)
Save $400 until February 9

Begins March 30, 2021 (from U.S.)
Save $400 Until Februray 19, 2021

Begins April 13, 2021 (from Sweden)
Save $400 until February 27

Begins April 19, 2021 (from India)
Save 10% off the regular price (offer does not expire)

Strategic evaluation planning certification

Begins March 24, 2021(from U.S.)
Save $300 until February 8

Click here to see our complete calendar of upcoming programs and events.

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