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The Standard for Leveraging and Validating Talent Investments

Jim Kirkpatrick Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick and Don Kirkpatrick
Level 1: Reaction
Level 2: Learning
Level 3: Behavior
Level 4: Results

What Is The Kirkpatrick Model?

The Kirkpatrick Model is the standard for leveraging and validating talent investments. The four levels of evaluation – Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results – form the time-tested and most trusted method of designing, implementing, and evaluating training that produces bottom-line value and organizational mission accomplishment.

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What Kirkpatrick customers
are saying

The Kirkpatrick principles are essential to maximizing the transfer of learning to behavior and subsequent organizational results as well as to demonstrate the value of training to the organization; unquestionably critical for any world-class institution!

Dr. John Plifka
Director, Army Quality Assurance Program

Love the New World Kirkpatrick Model! It applies to rapidly changing industry and allows for flexibility within a framework.

Rose Holiday
S.C. Johnson

Although I am a Certified Performance Consultant, it wasn’t until after your class that I realized how to present a complete Performance Solution. And the importance of being a part of the complete solution, not just the training piece of it! I am really excited to continue using what I learned.

Pei-Wen Fu
Park WellPoint, Inc.
Kirkpatrick certification schedule
May 10, 2023

2023 Kirkpatrick Program Schedule Now Available

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Money and currency from Canada and other countries
May 8, 2023

Canadian Pricing Now Available For Kirkpatrick Certification

We have good news if you are located in Canada: pricing tailored to your economy is now available for Kirkpatrick certification programs. We heard your concerns and we have adjusted…
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stop avoiding training evaluation because it's too hard - frustrated person
May 2, 2023

Stop Avoiding Training Evaluation Because You Think It’s Too Hard

Do you avoid measuring the organizational value of your training because it seems too hard? Are you uncertain of where to begin? You are not alone. Most learning and performance…
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