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The Kirkpatrick Model

The Kirkpatrick Model is the standard for leveraging and validating talent investments.

The four levels of evaluation — Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results — from the time – tested and most trusted method of designing, implementing, and evaluating training that produces bottom-line value and organizational mission accomplishment.

Our program, your results

Our time-tested method works in all sectors, such as government, military, corporate, consulting, services, and humanitarian. The model is applicable to all programs so we are confident it will work for you. Popular topics for Kirkpatrick program evaluation plans include onboarding, product and program launches, leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), safety, security, and succession planning.

We have not encountered an industry or program where the model will not work, which is a testament to its timeless, flexible, and elegant design.

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Kirkpatrick Training & Events

Kirkpatrick workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses are perfect for groups that want exposure to the basics of training evaluation and business partnership. These brief programs work well to kick off an important organization initiative or provide professional development for a group. These short programs can be scheduled as stand-alone educational experiences or included as part of a larger event.

Business Consulting & Partnership Analysis

Kirkpatrick Consulting and Services provides the key to ensuring that your talent investments aren’t just costs, but strategic assets driving your organization towards its mission.

Whether you’re building on a solid foundation or eager to quickly demonstrate your training’s business value, Kirkpatrick Consulting is your ideal partner. We offer expert guidance and best practices to enhance your efforts.


Whether you are new to the training industry or a seasoned veteran, get access to the newest Kirkpatrick free resources and stay current on the latest trends in training evaluation and business partnership.


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