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What You Can Expect From a Kirkpatrick Impact Study

Wondering about the impact your initiatives have on your organization? The Kirkpatrick Impact Study offers a clear window into this vital area. Combining our Kirkpatrick expertise with current best practices, we look forward to working with you to uncover the true value of your efforts and help guide your path to further success.

Our team of training evaluation experts is ready to review your existing training programs. You’ll receive straightforward and practical feedback that not only improves your content but also underlines the value your organization adds.

In our presentation of findings, we aim for clarity and ease of understanding, making it simple to share insights with your team. We provide actionable insights and will offer specific recommendations to enhance your current and future training programs, promoting ongoing improvement and success.


Kirkpatrick® Impact Studies Will:

  • Highlight the true impact on the bottom line with a mix of data and human-centered stories.
  • Identify the secret ingredients that made your program a success.
  • Dig into areas where positive changes can make things even better.
  • Weave a chain of evidence that proves the value of your program(s).
  • Provide a pilot to build your very own evaluation method tailored to your needs.

Our Process

Our impact studies have a proven track record of efficiently and effectively demonstrating the immense value your programs bring to the organization.

And in those instances when you want a bit more guidance, we’ve got you covered. Kirkpatrick Partners is here to help, and we’ll tailor our support to fit your specific needs.


Kickoff with the Kirkpatrick Team.


Kirkpatrick dives into your program, meets your team, and learns more about the why behind the program.


Kirkpatrick conducts surveys, focus groups, and interviews to learn more about the impact of your program or initiative


Receive your personalized Kirkpatrick Impact Study and Slide Deck to gain actionable insights and next steps

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“The Kirkpatrick principles are essential to maximizing the transfer of learning to behavior and subsequent organizational results as well as to demonstrate the value of training to the organization; unquestionably critical for any world-class institution!”

Dr. John Plifka

Director, Army Quality Assurance Program


Do I Really Need An Impact Study

Answer: Yes, an impact study is vital for a deep understanding of your training initiatives’ effectiveness. It goes beyond basic metrics, offering insights into how your programs truly affect your organization. The virtual Kirkpatrick Impact Study identifies strengths and areas for improvement, aligning your training efforts with your organizational goals.

Who Needs To Participate In The Virtual Kirkpatrick Impact Study?

Answer: Key stakeholders should be involved for a comprehensive study. This includes your training and development team, department heads or managers of trainees, and potentially some trainees. Their diverse perspectives ensure a complete view of the training’s impact across the organization.

Is The Kirkpatrick Impact Study Conducted Virtually?

Answer: Yes, our global team conducts the kirkpatrick impact study virtually, accommodating organizations worldwide. This approach allows for broader participation and flexibility, fitting various schedules and locations. Our experienced team ensures an engaging and thorough virtual study experience, providing valuable insights regardless of geographical boundaries.


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