Fusing Tradition and Innovation: A Bold Approach to Learning and Performance Evaluation

January 8, 2024

Are you eager to dive into the captivating world of learning and performance evaluation in 2024? Kirkpatrick Partners has big plans for the new year, and we are excited to invite you along on this journey with us. We’re on a mission to seamlessly blend time-tested methods with the latest innovations. So get ready for an exhilarating adventure with the Kirkpatrick team as we head into a new year and explore the bright and promising future of learning and performance evaluation!

Program Updates

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate what’s working and what can be done even better. That’s why we’ve decided to give our Bronze and Silver Programs an upgrade! We’ve added all kinds of features, including a slate of new materials covering training, evaluation, learning, and performance. Now, participants will be equipped with all the resources they need, plus opportunities for collaboration that will supercharge their skills in evaluating and enhancing training programs.

The Kirkpatrick Summit

We’re thrilled to announce our first-ever Kirkpatrick Summit! This isn’t your typical learning and development conference; it’s a wholly unique event bringing together top-tier training professionals, panels led by industry experts, dynamic discussions, and tons of networking opportunities. Plus, as a special highlight, we’re organizing a celebration to commemorate 70 years of the Kirkpatrick legacy! This is an incredible opportunity that you won’t want to miss if you’re in the field of training and development!

The Kirkpatrick Toolkit – Maximizing Training Effectiveness

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the Kirkpatrick Toolkit, our latest game-changing offering. This all-in-one toolkit comes packed with handy features, including surveys, tests, observations, and focus groups. And get this – it goes beyond the usual assessment methods to give you the real scoop on what’s happening in the classroom or out in the field. The best part? It’s loaded with practical tools and templates to put what you’ve learned into action. Plus, it’s so user-friendly and customizable that your training programs will be a perfect fit for everyone. Get ready for real results!

Conducting Research

In 2024, we’re gearing up to dive into the research and conduct a comprehensive study of learning and performance evaluation. Our aim? To unravel the current landscape of our industry and fully explore how we can bring what we’ve learned to you. Armed with the true Kirkpatrick methodology, we’re ready to go deep. This isn’t just about ticking off boxes. Our mission is to truly understand where we are and where we’re headed. We’re talking more focus groups, better and more engaging surveys, and plenty of insight-gathering. Why? Because it’s our job to craft top-quality tools, resources, and programs tailored specifically for industry leaders like you.

New Year’s Resolutions and the Strength of Support

We’ve all taken a shot at New Year’s resolutions, right? Sometimes, it’s a win. Other times, not so much. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. When it comes to Level 4 resolutions, it’s just like anything else: having a solid support system is key! It’s also important to recognize that change often requires patience. Sometimes, it happens without us even realizing it. Plus, it’s important to keep in mind that external factors and our sneaky subconscious can open up all sorts of opportunities…if we pay attention. Remember that Kirkpatrick Partners is here to support you in all of your New Year’s learning resolutions! 

At Kirkpatrick Partners, our enthusiasm for learning and performance evaluation is through the roof! With our new podcast and YouTube channel, we’re dishing out practical tips, resources, and education to empower learning pros worldwide. Through the Four Levels of Evaluation in the Kirkpatrick Model, we’re revolutionizing how training programs are assessed, and we’ve made it our mission to boost organizational outcomes. Join us in building the Kirkpatrick legacy by following our channels and social media for updates. Let’s shape the future together!

Excited to learn more? Check out the latest episode of The Kirkpatrick Podcast, where hosts Vanessa Alzate and Jim Kirkpatrick chat about how you can better protect your learning investments. 

It’s a must-listen for anyone looking to make a genuine impact on their organization through top-notch training and development practices!

Listen or watch the latest episode here:

Remember, the real magic happens when we fine-tune how we apply training and get results. When we build a culture of trust, engagement, and continuous improvement, we give our training programs a better shot at success.

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