Premiere Episode! The Kirkpatrick Podcast

Are you ready to tap into the future of learning and development? We’re excited to present the premiere episode of The Kirkpatrick Podcast, where we blend traditional and contemporary approaches in learning and performance evaluation.

Join our dynamic co-hosts, Vanessa Alzate and Jim Kirkpatrick, as they lead you through an engaging journey, enriched with insightful narratives and enlightening conversations.

In this episode, ‘The Future of Learning & Development: Jim K’s Crystal Ball,’ Vanessa and Jim reveal the limitations of conventional learning models and introduce the Kirkpatrick Model’s potential in achieving true performance goals. They discuss ways to enhance performance consulting by rethinking approaches, leveraging technology, and broadening job roles.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Insights on the evolving horizons of learning and development.
  • An examination of the shift towards performance-driven learning and the critical role of results-focused conversations.
  • A critique of traditional learning models in light of actual learning processes.
  • An analysis of how technology can transform learning and performance, while maintaining the core of human interaction.

This episode is the beginning of a series of groundbreaking discussions on using technology in learning, nurturing relationships, and redefining success. By the end of this episode, you’ll be inspired, equipped with a new perspective on learning and performance evaluation. Ready to press play and join us on this adventure?

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