Kirkpatrick® Bronze Program

The Kirkpatrick® Bronze Program is your gateway to mastering The Kirkpatrick Model, the world’s leading evaluation methodology. Limited to a small group of participants, this program ensures you receive personalized attention and hands-on experience, enabling you to apply the methodology to real programs and maximize business impact.

Throughout the course, you’ll delve into the Kirkpatrick Four Levels®, receive access to a comprehensive participant manual filled with practical examples and templates, and gain a deep understanding of what each level measures. We emphasize the importance of evaluation in training success through engaging case studies and success stories. You’ll learn to allocate training resources effectively and explore how to ensure knowledge translates to on-the-job behaviors.

A distinctive feature of this program is the opportunity for interaction and collaboration. You’ll join an online community of peers, fostering discussions and collaboration with fellow participants and facilitators. After successful completion, access to an online community of Kirkpatrick bronze graduates ensures your learning journey continues, providing a platform to stay connected, share experiences, and deepen your knowledge.

During the program, you will actively engage in creating your Kirkpatrick Blended Evaluation Plan® as a key component of the curriculum. Upon successful completion, you will earn the Kirkpatrick Certified Professional – Bronze Level credential. This certification, complemented by continuous community support, equips you to excel in the realm of evaluation and training effectiveness. Join us on this journey to master the Kirkpatrick Model and enhance your professional skills.