Level 3 Lessons from an Unlikely Source – Part 2

September 4, 2013

Lesson #2: Even Confident Learners Need On-the-Job Support

Have you ever had a dream that you were flying? Both Jim and Wendy have. Some are exciting. Some are a bit scarier, with fear of falling or crashing. Being able to imagine the sensation of flying made the nest of swallows on Jim and Wendy’s front porch all the more fascinating to them.

As the flying lessons continued over a few days, Jim and Wendy were impressed at the level of support the parents provided for their fledgling flyers.

The next lesson that the swallows made evident is that even the most confident flyers among the baby birds returned to the safety of the nest. Even though they had demonstrated that they could fly well, they wanted more support and encouragement to leave the nest.

Instead of thinking, “Well, we trained them. Let’s send them off into the woods on their own,” the adult birds stayed near the nest to help each baby bird as it took off on its own. They made sure that each felt confident to fly on its own without all of the others. They made sure that everyone was safe and fed. They didn’t just leave them to fend for themselves in the real world.

Your Level 3 Plan After Training

What measures do you build into your training programs to check in with graduates to make sure that they are doing okay on the job? How do you make yourself or others available to encourage them, answer questions or provide additional practice?

Follow the example of the swallows and make sure that important training programs include processes and systems that monitor, reinforce, encourage and reward performance of the new behaviors on the job. These required drivers are necessary to achieve the level of performance your stakeholders expect.

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