Only Fools Rush In, To Tie Training to Kirkpatrick Level 4 Results

January 30, 2020

Learning and performance professionals the world over are receiving the same mandate: show the organizational value of your efforts. Well-intentioned individuals provide learning data and then eagerly rush in to claim high-level outcomes. Unfortunately, this approach has no credibility.

Listen to this informative recorded webinar to discover the missing link to connect training to organizational results. Find out what it takes to confidently implement programs and connect the dots to show the value they bring to your organization or client. Come away from this session with specific actions you can take today to make a real difference in your work and its impact.
After this session, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to create organizational results from training initiatives
  • List specific methods for increasing program outcomes
  • Name the four levels, and how each level contributes to training effectiveness

Additional Resources

To learn more about the importance of Kirkpatrick Level 3 Behavior, read our latest book, Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation.

For a deep dive into Level 3, read, Transferring Learning to Behavior.

For step-by-step assistance in building Level 3 plans that work, get Kirkpatrick Certified.

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