Training Evaluation Mistake #9

June 19, 2013

Training Evaluation Mistake #9: Working Independently to Create and Demonstrate Training Value

The partnership between training and the business is critical to being able to create and demonstrate training with organizational value.

82% of you correctly answered false to the related question in the Training Evaluation Strategy quiz:

The smart training professional can work independently to create and demonstrate the value of their training programs.

This tells us that the majority of you already realize that business partnership is critical to training success. This doesn’t always mean that we know exactly how to go about building this partnership, though. Some of the most frequent questions we receive relate to this topic.

The Kirkpatrick Foundational Principles are a good place to start your education.

Another good resource is Chapter 15 of The Brunei Window Washer: Bringing Business Partnership to Life. Here’s an excerpt:

Methods for Building Business Partnership

  • Find an executive sponsor.
  • Create a cross-functional council.
  • Identify the organization’s highest goal.

The book also includes a business partnership inventory that you can complete and discuss with your business partners to start the conversation.

What questions or advice do you have about building business partnership?
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