Bringing Business Partnership to Life: The Story of the Brunei Window Washer

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Kirkpatrick Partners is excited to announce the release of Bringing Business Partnership to Life: The Story of the Brunei Window Washer.

The content of this book mirrors that of our 2012 publication, The Brunei Window Washer: Bringing Business Partnership to Life. We have changed only the title to better align with the interests of the corporate community and represent the book’s focus on implementing the Kirkpatrick methodology to build business partnership and achieve organizational success.

Due to the identical content, if you already own a copy of the original book, you need not purchase this new release to complete your Kirkpatrick library.

If you do not yet own a copy, we invite you to purchase Bringing Business Partnership to Life: The Story of the Brunei Window Washer, which tells the endearing story of Chai and explains how to engage every employee and accomplish the highest level business results in any organization.

Why Read Bringing Business Partnership to Life?

Every organization in the world faces the same challenge: How do we accomplish our highest goals with the time, money, resources and people available to us?

No matter how lofty the goal, achievement happens one person and one action at a time.

This book tells the endearing story of Chai, the Brunei Window Washer. Through his experiences, you will learn the secrets of developing a team that cares about their customers and the overall mission of the business.

Chai embodies the traits that employers want to see in every member of their team. He gets his job done while also providing memorable customer service that really makes a connection with resort guests.

A clear discussion of the Kirkpatrick Model follows this quick read, pulling in elements of Chai’s experience to demonstrate how building business partnership using this model can help you and your organization to engage the talents of every employee and achieve your highest goals.


Lorri Freifeld, Editor-in-Chief, Training magazine

The Brunei Window Washer is both an engaging story and a testament to the power of training. After you read it, you should be inspired to reflect on your own organization’s training, create an action plan, and achieve your mission. Don’t miss this ‘window’ of opportunity.”

Excerpt from the book

(From pp. 22-24)

Jim then asked, “What exactly is your job here at the resort, Chai?”

Chai answered, “I am part of a team that creates great experiences for our guests.”

Jim was incredulous. How had this young window washer come to respond with such a profound answer? Out of curiosity, Jim asked Chai to tell him more.

For the next few minutes, Chai told Jim how Ms. Anati, Mr. Safrina, Ms. Li and others had helped to orient, train, encourage, and coach him. He emphasized the fact that at every step, and with every individual, the ultimate purpose of Chai’s role was showcased.

Anyone overhearing this conversation might mistake this young man for one of the resort managers, if not for the 10-foot squeegee pole and resort service staff uniform, Jim thought. There is something different and special about Chai. While everyone at the resort treated Jim with kindness, he sensed that Chai really cared that his stay was a pleasant one. Jim soon discovered that his hunch was correct.

“Well, Dr. Kirkpatrick,” Chai remarked, ending the conversation, “I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need. I won’t take any more of your time. I do hope you continue to enjoy your stay with us.”

“Thus far, everything has been just fine,” Jim replied. “I certainly enjoyed meeting and talking with you. I suppose we should both get back to work.”

Chai responded, “Oh, I have been working!”

Chai smiled and turned to walk back to the bank of windows he had been washing. He stopped in his tracks, then quickly turned back to Jim and reengaged him.

“Oh, by the way, Dr. Kirkpatrick,” he said. “When you get back to America, will you please tell your friends about the Premier Resort?”

“Sure, Chai,” Jim said. “I will be glad to.”

Jim started walking through the courtyard, and when he was several steps away, he heard Chai speak again, “And would you please tell them about Brunei?”

My gosh, Jim thought. This guy not only thinks he is an ambassador for his company, but for his country!

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