Is Your Reaction Sheet Leaving You Hanging?

April 20, 2016

Have you been using the same evaluation form after your training programs for as long as you can remember? Are you still struggling to get an acceptable response rate? Do you wonder what people really think of your training? Are you certain that you are even asking the right questions?

Studies show that over 90% of training programs worldwide are evaluated with a post-program reaction sheet of some sort, but if yours isn’t as good as it could be, it might be leaving you hanging, desperate for more or clearer information. Take our fun quiz to find out if it’s time to update your reaction sheet. 

Click here to take the quiz and get our recommendations based on your score. 

The correct answers and how to interpret your score will be revealed when you submit your responses. 

How did you do? If you or your colleagues could benefit from some help, you won’t want to miss Wendy Kirkpatrick’s session at this year’s ATD ICE, “Build a Better Reaction Sheet.”

Wendy will share the most modern and effective ways to obtain the data and information you need after your training programs using a Blended Evaluation approach. She also will provide specific tips that define what information to gather, when to obtain it, and how to ask the questions in a way that will yield the most useful information possible from your post-program evaluation efforts. You will receive a sample evaluation form to use and adapt for your own training programs.

Click here for more information about Wendy’s ATD ICE session.

Click here for information about other Kirkpatrick appearances at the conference. 

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