Keeping the End in Sight

September 7, 2016

Marta Wilmoth was our 2015 ATD Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship winner. She has earned her bronze level certification and is implementing what she learned. 

In her second update, Marta explains why keeping the end in sight is crucial to implementing her training program.

Did you miss Marta’s first update? Click here to read it. 

The Kirkpatrick Levels of Evaluation has been crucial to keeping the end in mind throughout the development of our new and improved New Hire training program. As part of the Kirkpatrick Levels of Evaluation, our organizational purpose, the business need for updated New Hire Training, and the stakeholder’s expectations were identified. These key components have served as the foundation for developing the new training program and pinpointing the metrics and methods that will be used to measure success.

The live launch date of the reinvented New Hire Training will be September 26, 2016. By my next update, I will have Level 1: Reaction and possibly some Level 2: Behavior results to share with the ATD and Kirkpatrick community. 

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