Learn from the Best: Kirkpatrick Success Stories

January 3, 2013

How do you get stakeholders to recognize and support your efforts?

Listen as Mikael Borak of the Mindset Group explains how he did it.

Click here to listen to the recording (approx. 8 minutes)

Mikael developed and delivered a leadership initiative entitled Practical Leadership for Success for the Scania Group in Stockholm. The crucial component of producing compelling and convincing results was involving key senior leaders and supervisors from the onset.

They helped to develop and deliver the content, and to reinforce on-the-job application through support and accountability. When it came time to testify as to the program graduates’ change in behavior and subsequent results, they served as the star witnesses.

About the Presenter

Mikael Borak is Vice President of the Mindset Group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. He is Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certified. For more about Mikael, visit http://www.mindset.se/.

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