Put on Your Business Hat to Get Program Buy-In

October 31, 2013

Michael Wiedecker, with the consultation of Ron Meyer, implemented the Kirkpatrick methodology at the Maryland Transit Administration train yard to reduce the occurrence of costly mistakes.

Inspired by the book Training on Trial by Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, Michael secured buy-in from managers and other involved parties, making implementation easy and generating noteworthy results. He spoke the language of the business to  get them on board with the methods he was proposing.

Finally, rather than disappearing after training, Michael and Ron focused on Level 3 to ensure that training became a process and not just an event, allowing them to handle issues that went beyond classroom learning.

Find out how they did it and what influenced them in this recorded interview.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Do you have questions for Michael and Ron? If so, you can email them to us at inquiries@kirkpatrickpartners.com, or log in and post them below.

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