Quick Tip #1: Learning Is Not the Holy Grail

February 27, 2013

Training myths will be challenged and truths exposed in this compelling new quick tip series, “Does Your Training Department Need to Get Real?”

Quick Tip #1: Learning is not the Holy Grail

Training is still very much on trial. Federal, military and private training budgets are being cut by 25% and more, primarily because the business leaders of the world are not sold on learning in and of itself. The word learning, years ago seen as a positive evolution from the word training, is now working against the training industry.

Learning objectives, learning solutions, learning organization, learning culture, chief learning officer, social learning and the myriad of journal articles on learning are acting to separate us even further from business counterparts whom we need to partner with and satisfy.

So what can you do? Stop using the term learning when you really mean learning and performance. Transform yourself into a learning and performance professional. Of course, title alone will not get the job done. Truly become a learning and performance partner by working hand in hand with line supervisors, managers and business executives on their turf. Aspire to be seen as one of them, not separate from them.

Here are some practical ways to move towards becoming a learning and performance partner:

  • Equip supervisors to be effective coaches
  • Develop and deliver on-the-job training resources
  • Create a Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4 evaluation methodology for key initiatives
  • Build peer support communities so training graduates can help each other

Make sure your stakeholders see you not just as someone who delivers training, but as someone who is equally invested in supporting on-the-job performance and accomplishment. This partnership positions you as one of their valued team members.

Do you have other tactics for becoming a learning and performance professional? Are there other training myths you would like to bust? Please share them with our community by logging in using your kirkpatrickpartners.com login credentials and commenting below.

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