The 4th of July 2020 – A Moment of Celebration

June 30, 2020

By Jim Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick

Although this year has been different from others, the 4th of July is still approaching. It is the special day that has been set aside in the U.S. to honor the day in 1776 when we announced our independence from Great Britain. 

It is unreasonable to ignore the somber events that dominate the news; a pandemic, police violence, and riots, and tension between nations. For just a few minutes, though, we would like to take a positive view of our future.

Our leading indicators, which are short-term observations and measurements suggesting that critical behaviors are on track to create a positive impact on desired results, remain the same: our clients achieve their own successes through the successful implementation of the Kirkpatrick Model.

This leads us to our critical behaviors; the few, key behaviors that people will have to consistently perform in order to bring about targeted outcomes. We have been working hard to bring Kirkpatrick training to our customers around the world 100% virtually; we have been doing virtual training since 2005, but we were also doing in-person programs. We are happy to report that our live-online programs are filling up, and people are continuing to get the training they need to create their own success stories.

On the personal side, we and our families are safe, healthy, and hopeful for the future. Here is how we will celebrate this 4th of July. Jim and his family will decorate their pontoon boat in red, white and blue for a socially-distant boat parade on the lake near his home, and enjoy a small, private fireworks display.

Wendy has to cancel her trip home to see her family in Wisconsin because the trip is simply too risky. She will take a few days off work and get together on her front porch with one friend at a time to catch up and share a few laughs. And maybe a glass of wine…

A spark came to Jim while he was talking with a group from Dubai. Amidst the conversation that included some discouragement and fear, he said, “Leading indicators are indications of hope.”

Our wish for you is that you stick to your own critical behaviors for success, health, and happiness, and you use your leading indicators as a beacon of hope for better times.

Have a happy and hopeful 4th of July!

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