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April 16, 2014

Last August, Jared Allen, Training Program Developer for Goodwill of Central Arizona, won the 2013 Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship.Since then, he has made impressive strides in improving his company’s training programs and subsequent evaluation. He and his team have implemented the following 5 specific tactics to reach the highest level goals of the organization, which you can try as well:

1. After updating their evaluation forms, they began to gather very useful data on their training sessions. They were then able to adjust portions of their training, and feedback has consistently improved.
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2. They are reorganizing their manager training program to put more emphasis on behavior and follow-up. Rather than managers being bombarded with information to memorize during a program lasting several days, they now attend only 1-2 days of class, followed by a week of observation and evaluation focusing on specific behaviors, and then another day of class focusing on a different behavior, and so on.

3. Steering committees are being formed in order to tie the company’s objectives directly to training. Executive leadership is now interested in reviewing solid measures to see that the training is effective.
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4. They are in the process of purchasing an LMS and emphasizing the need for follow-up, accountability and support for online courses. Jared noted, “I’ve seen many companies that deliver all training via online courses with a test at the end, and it becomes very disengaging. We are using online courses as only one part of our curriculum, which will also include in-person class time, practical skills observation and support on the job.”

5. Jared has developed a process to have a looping video play on all of the store’s break room TVs, which can be used to reinforce information learned in recent trainings and to provide contact information if employees have questions about any of a variety of topics. 

Jared and his team are looking for leading indicators that the implementation of these steps will lead to the desired outcomes. Specifically, they are focusing on store profitability, retention and employee engagement. They have noticed that employees are asking for a lot of follow-up and job aids for when they are back on the job.

In the short time since earning his bronze level certification, Jared has made great progress. Interested in learning to implement your own impressive initiatives? Join us for our next Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program – Bronze Level.
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