Training versus Human Nature: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Battle

September 26, 2018

It’s a startling statistic for L&D professionals: approximately 85% of training graduates fall prey to a myriad of factors that influence them to do something other than what they learned during training. These include:

  • On-the-job environment
  • The direction of their supervisor
  • Influence of peers
  • Availability of resources
  • Time pressures, and the basic human nature to do what is most convenient at a given time.

Jim Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick offer a plan to help overcome these challenges. It doesn’t have to be a battle. Read this article from Training Industry Magazine to learn how to win when it feels like training versus human nature.

Click here to read the article. It is best viewed on PC versus a mobile device. On the magazine website, if you click “View in Magazine,” you will find this article in the Table of Contents (page 6) under MEASURING IMPACT or click to read the Kirkpatrick article on pages 52-53.

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