What Does the L&D Crystal Ball Reveal?

June 1, 2016

Jim recently posted a thought-provoking question in our Kirkpatrick Evaluation discussion group in LinkedIn. Looking into the proverbial crystal ball of the training industry, what does the future look like?

An overwhelming number of responses focused on the application of technology during training programs. This ranges from short videos to complete web-based training. L&D professionals are starting to see a shift in focus towards graphics and gamification over sound instructional design. 

This is good news for L&D technology companies and instructional designers who are technology savvy. However, it is not good news for those who are not. The technology trend can and will eliminate the need for many L&D professionals.

With the increase in technology, Jim reiterates that we do not need to lose our human factor. Technology is a tool to help with certain L&D functions; however, it is not capable of replacing human-based learning modalities and pre- and post-training support. 

So, how do L&D professionals maximize technology and involve themselves with the business side without losing their human touch?

A blend of the approaches is the answer. We should be using all that technology has to offer. Involve yourself and L&D functions to maximize what technology can do. This ranges from gamification, simulation, dashboards and scorecards, to testing, surveys and audience response systems. However, we must never forget that the soul of evaluation comes from the human factor.

The human factor, which is the center of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, involves a trusting partnership between L&D and the business. Engage your human-to-human power and influence to drive more performance support, bridge building with supervisors and stakeholders, and higher-level, learning-based activities. 

These are strategies and tools that will establish you as a valuable business partner rather than someone who conducts training programs. This is how you lead your organization to true results.
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